Marketing Manager

PXL SEALS installs and manufactures sealing solutions for energy and large bearings.


The company is specialised in the expertise, manufacturing and installation of sealing systems for hydro electricity equipment and dams.

PXL SEALS has B2B customers such as : EDF, Alstom, Adams, Voith, Rothe Erde.


Company challenge:

The company sells about 40% in Export markets. It just opened subsidiaries in Brazil and the USA.  The goal is to organise marketing and communication to an international development.



  • To define marketing and digital strategies:
  • To rework the company offer
  • To set up sales and CRM (customer relationship management) tools
  • To optimise the brand visibility internationally
  • To organise the marketing internaly
Logo PXL


La Royale Geneva

Positioning, merchandising, emailing campaign


La Royale is a Geneva based travel agency, tour operator and luxury car rental agency.


Challenge : The company would like to develop its local presence an communicate with its existing customers.


Achievements :

  • Checked the offer positioning
  • Reworked the agency merchandising
  • Set up an emailing system. Trained the team in place.


Corporate Games 2013

Social media management

The Corporate Games is a worldwide inter-company challenge. In 2013, it takes place in Coventry (UK), Cape Town (South Africa) and Annecy-le Vieux (France)


The Corporate Games came back to France in Annecy-le Vieux on July 5th-7th, 2013. The event was organized by QYD and Cameleon groups.


Challenge: To develop presence on social networks and take part in the community management.


Achievements :

  • To help the team setting up the brand on social networks.
  • To develop the activity on facebook and twitter.